Manage TV series, anime and cartoon collections with Free TvDB

Free TvDB is a program that will let you organize your personal collection of TV series, anime and cartoons.

Features: automatic data download (info / cast / images) from thetvdb * multi-language series info (up to 23 languages) * poster and fan-art galleries (automatically downloaded) * automatic database backup * posters and art can be viewed also when selecting series name or season number * series / seasons can be updated directly from the list (right click with the mouse) * series / seasons can be deleted directly from the list (right click with the mouse) * option to hide the confirm window and wipe automatically the files

By default all existing series will be moved to “TV Series” category. To move a series to a different category, just right click on it from the list and select the new category. By default the skin interface is disabled. This will increase performance while switching through tabs. You can enable it in the options.

Note that the program opens pop-ups asking for a donation.