Tribes 2 FPS Game on the planets of the 40th century frontier

Tribes 2 is a first-person shooter game based in the fictional Earthsiege universe.

Set in the year 3941, Tribes 2 allows the user to play as a soldier in one of several factions (referred to in the game as tribes), such as the Children of the Phoenix, the Blood Eagle, the Diamond Sword, and the Star Wolf. Players can also choose to play a rebelling human-created soldier/worker race called the BioDerms. None of the factions differ from each other in strengths or weaknesses, but each has a distinctive look and background story.

The maps where the battles take place are set on the planets of the 40th century frontier, or “Wilderzone” as the game series calls it. All of the planets are far from Earth, which is currently being contested by the Bioderm uprising against the Great Human Empire.

The battles themselves are mostly from the Bioderm offensive into the Wilderzone in order gain vantage over the Great Human Empire. Normally, however, the events near earth generally do not reach the Wilderzone, making star systems and their planets available to the Tribes of Man.