Protect your WP site against hackers with the free Wordfence plugin

Can you name the best security plugin for WordPress? A question asked again and again, but there is a vagueness in the meaning of “best”? The best for security, the best for convenience, the best free or the best commercial?

I’m presenting here Wordfence because it corresponds to my definition of the best: it is efficient, reliable and free. It offers even more options in its commercial version, but most probable you don’t really need them — I don’t.

I have tried also Sukuri, BooletProof, iThemes, Hide my WP and I must say that none of them was convenient enough and simultaneously powerful. Wordfence covered everything I wanted, from fighting brute force attacks and having a firewall, to letting me adjust how many email notifications I’d like to receive on what conditions.

The scanner of Wordfence can check your site if it is already infected, and runs regular checks to make sure it remains clean.

Download Wordfence