Download Winamp 5.8 3653 beta, newest version of the famous media player

Winamp not only is being used until now, it also remains widely popular, and thanks to several unique plugins, irreplaceable from some aspects.

No wonder therefore that the Winamp community may be excited to know that a new version is released after all these years. Unfortunately this is not an official release, but a leak of a beta that never saw daylight — not without reason.

Having tried this version for some days I must say it won’t add much to the previous version. To be precise, I haven’t found anything that would make this even a little better than the previous version, except from the feeling that you use something newer! Fortunately, it won’t introduce problems either. It seems that Winamp development has stopped, although this wasn’t officially declared.

If you like to try it yourself, here you are, but (although I haven’t faced myself any problems using it) be warned again that it is not only a beta, but also an unofficial version that leaked somehow almost two years after it was created.

Download Winamp 5.8