Download TypeTris, to learn typing

Rating: 5
  Excellence Award  

TypeTris is a a free typing trainer, but with all the joy of an absorbing arcade game.

Touch typing (sometimes it is called also blind typing) is a way of typing without looking at the keyboard, which leads to 2 main improvements: you are typing much faster and making significantly less mistakes.

TypeTris Features: Absorbing gameplay * User friendly interface with all relevant to typing information available on the screen * 3 levels of complexity (from “easy” for beginners to “hard” for professionals) * Additional panel with interactive keyboard to help noviceĀ  start typing without looking at the real keyboard * High scores with the best results of your typing

Words you need to type fall from above (as in Tetris) and you have to type them before they reach the bottom. Soon the trainer/game becomes really absorbing.

This is an application you have to try, if you are trying to learn typing.

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