Download SuperCopier, for powerful copy

Rating: 5
  Excellence Award  

SuperCopier is a free, small and powerful utility that will replace Windows explorer file copy, adding some options you might like.

SuperCopier features: Resume copy * Copy speed control * No bugs if you copy more than 2GB at once * Copy speed computation * Better copy progress display * A little faster * Copy list editable while copying * Error log * Copy list saving/loading.

Super Copier will also give you more options on what to do on errors while copying, such as when to retry, when to overwrite, if a failed copy should be placed to the end of the list instead of an immediate retry, etc. Super Copier is a “set and forget” software.

The reasons that I like this program are clear enough, although it doesn’t have the looks of the original Windows copy – which is the only advantage of the default Microsoft copy tool.

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