Download free Euro Key to add the European Currency to your keyboard

Euro Key is small, it consumes no memory, it is safe, convenient and free (without any limitations), an efficient utility you can download if your keyboard lacks the sign of the European currency (€).

Using a keyboard that misses this option, you can type the Euro sign by inserting it manually, if an application includes an option to insert a symbol, or by typing a 5 keys code, which most of the times won’t even work, if any of its characters is assigned to a shortcut key for some other function.

Euro Key is a freeware that will let you define yourself a global shortcut for €. It works in any application you may work with to help you use the Euro sign.

The utility’s default shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+e, the shortcut you may already be familiar with, because it is used also in Microsoft Word. You can change it in the settings of the utility with whatever combination you find most convenient. (Whether you prefer to use it globally or not, Ctrl+Alt+e will still be working in MS Word).


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