Create a drive in RAM and speed up audio and video conversions, with RAMDisk

RAMDisk is a freeware (for up to 4GB disk size) that creates a virtual drive in RAM. For RAM disks larger than 4GB you need a license. RAMDisk can be used to speed up Internet page load times * Control what files and programs are stored into memory (loaded at boot time) * Create temporary disks for added security * Speed up disk-to-disk activities such as video encryption and audio ripping * Accelerate databases * Reduce compile times

Save and load features allow RAMDisk to appear as persistent storage even through reboots.

RAMDisk is a kernel-level driver that presents a standard disk drive to the OS, however, it stores and retrieves data from the system RAM on your motherboard instead of an actual, physical disk. Along with the Kernel Driver is a GUI that talks to the driver and allows the user to set various options as well as start and stop the Driver (create or delete a RAMDisk).

The Driver has been written to WDM standards and creates a low-level disk object that Windows Device Manager and Disk Management are able to “see” and manage. You can partition, format, mount a volume, and assign multiple drive letters to RAMDisk (but only if you would know how to do those things with a regular disk, RAMDisk does not do it for you).

Download RAMDisk