Burn data, audio and video disks or make disk images with InfraRecorder

InfraRecorder if a free program that will let you record or sort of disks, even disk images, mixed mode disks, multi-session disks, and more. If you don’t feel safe using the default Windows recorder or if its options are just not enough, InfraRecorder is a free application you should try.

The program’s interface somehow resembles the well known Nero recorder, and it offers lots of options most probably covering your needs completely, without being difficult to use. Above all, it is a reliable application that won’t disappoint you by creating faulty disks.

InfraRecorder provides a browser to help you add files and folders to burn, but you can also use drag and drop. Note that you can add all the files included in a playlist, by using the “Import” option; if you drag and drop your playlist, then you will just burn a single file, the playlist itself.

As is normal with disk burners the program can verify the files after your disk is created, and it offers to use use buffer underrun protection. Note also that a portable version is also available, in case that you avoid installations.

Download InfraRecorder