To avoid or not KB4056892 or any particular Windows update?

KB4056892 is reported to have caused problems to several users. Not in my case though. I installed this update and the end of the world did not come. Some say you should avoid to get it.

I wouldn’t recommend this solution. Many updates, just like this one, are critical, increasing system security.

In my opinion, just clone your system as it is now, and then install the update.

If everything works, you will be left with a backup of your system, which you can delete. If there is a problem, just restore the clone and then pause Windows updates for a week or so (Settings > Updates & Security > Advanced Settings > Pause updates), hoping that Microsoft will come with a better solution; then repeat the same procedure: it it still causes problems, restore the clone and wait one more week.

Don’t be ready to avoid updates and expose your PC to security risks!