What if your USB device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all the time

It may happen that you connect a USB device, a disk, a phone, whatever, and after a while is disconnected and again connected automatically, without you doing anything at all.

Perhaps there is a motherboard problem, but you can try first these solutions which are easy and fast. Most of the times the problem is innocent and is fixed this way.

Open the Power Options of Windows and “Change plan settings”. Click the “Change advanced power setting” option and locate the “USB settings”. Click to reveal its options and find the “USB selective suspend setting”. If it is enabled, disable it.

If this solution won’t work for you, check if perhaps the connection is not tight enough.

Sometimes the USB port of your PC or Monitor is larger than the end of your cable, the connection is not tight, leading to the disconnection / reconnection problem. Try connecting your device to some other port, or change cable, or use some tool to bend the little tabs in the usb port of your PC.


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