Audio freeware for a powerful, PC based, Hi-Fi system

Managing Your Music

* Playlist File Remover is a Winamp plugin that lets you use a shortcut key to remove a song from a playlist right as you listen to it — even to delete it completely (send it to the recycle bin). There is no easier way to create a playlist. (You don’t need this plugin if you use AIMP.)

Free AmoK Playlist Copy is indispensable, if you need to copy to the same folder from various folders all the audio files that make up your playlist. This excellent freeware will not do only that, it will also beautify your collection by renaming these files and creating a new playlist.

Playlist Creator enables you to create playlists, add all desired files, insert existing playlists to your current playlist, save in m3u and pls formats. Winamp’s playlist editor is easier to use, but you will need Playlist Creator to retouch a playlist without using Winamp — e.g. when you have Winamp dedicated to some other task. AIMP also lets you load several playlists.

You may have a playlist of several hours of music. If you need to burn all of this, you have to divide the list into several smaller playlists, each of them corresponding to its own CD. M3Util will help you do just that, and, if you broke your playlists after a drive change or a renaming, you need ListFix, a free program that will repair your playlists. You will also need LinkChanger, a free application that will search and replace path information inside shortcut (lnk) files you may have created on your disk interlinking a large audio collection.