Enable scroll bars on Windows 10, disable auto hide

As you know Windows 10 auto hides scroll bars on Windows Settings and Modern Apps to create a modern attractive look. Indeed, without the scroll bars everything looks so much cleaner and nicer. However, you may prefer to sacrifice aesthetics to increase usability.

Scrollbars in Windows Settings can be very useful if you cannot use mouse scroll or even just to know your position in the panel, if there more options below the visible area and how many. You may also prefer to click the scroll arrows having them always visible, instead of using the mouse wheel or touchpad gestures.

To disable the auto-hide option and have the scrollbars always visible, just open the start menu and start typing “hide scroll” until you see in Search Results the option: “Automatically hide scrolls bars in Windows”. Select and Enter to open the relevant page on Windows Settings. Do the same to reactivate auto-hide if you change your mind.