Search Regex WordPress plugin Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method base_url

Search Regex is one of the most useful WordPress plugins, but unfortunately its development stopped. I’ve searched and searched for an alternative, but everything I tried is inferior.

Now Search Regex gives this “Uncaught Error”, making WordPress send you eMail messages to terrify you that perhaps your site is destroyed!

The error regards the 26th line of a file named “results”, in the “view” folder of Search Regex.

To fix this problem open in your Notepad the results .php file, save somewhere a backup of it, then delete the 26th line, which is just the code of an image:

<img src="<?php //echo plugins_url( '/images/small.gif', $this->base_url() ); ?>" style="display: none" alt="pre"/>

That’s it. Enjoy!