Create bootable USB to deploy Windows, with WinToFlash Lite

This is a portable and nice application that will let you create a bootable USB drive with all the necessary files to deploy Windows on any PC, without using the original Windows setup disc; this is particularly useful if your computer does not have an optical disc drive.

The program supports ISO files and archives (ZIP, RAR, DMG, etc.) as its source.

The built-in wizard offers step-by-step guidance to transfer a Windows package to a USB drive, by selecting the source (CD, local folder, ISO, archive) to formatting the USB device and copying the Windows setup files.

The ‘Advanced’ mode is for more demanding tasks, such as transferring different versions of Windows to a USB drive, erasing disks, creating a bootable MS-DOS drive, an emergency bootloader, a recovery console, or even a multiboot USB drive.

Download WinToFlash Lite