TheFreeWindows (follow) features select freeware and troubleshooters for the world’s most popular operating system. There is no commercial program in these pages (except for a few at the special category of Education), and there is not everything that circulates around, only the best.

I was so frustrated with sites hosting all kinds of stuff, even malfunctioning or dangerous, other sites mixing freeware with commercial programs (sometimes with the intention precisely to confuse their visitors), that I decided to make TheFreeWindows, since in any case I use to try new freeware all the time.

If you know what you need, just use the search box at the right side to find a freeware that does your job. You can also browse by category (at the Sections menu). Feel free to ask for advice in case you search for something you can not find.

You are very welcome to send a comment, a review, suggest a program or submit your own.


Microsoft was founded on November 26, 1976 by Bill Gates. The first retail version of Windows appeared on November 20, 1985. Today most computers in the world run on Windows.

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