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Water is an important ally, even more than sleep. Sometimes you cannot sleep as much as you need, but water you can drink whenever. Water is not ‘charged' with calories, you may drink as much as you like, and more!


There is a specific use of water that saved me from a lot of trouble. My biggest problem with weight loss was those pangs, especially at night or late in the evening. But even during the day pangs exist and should be avoided. Never eat unless you are certain your hunger is real.



When a hunger pang appears, drink a glass of water and let 10 minutes pass. If you are still hungry, eat as much as it takes to reduce and postpone your appetite, not to feel satiated. When you feel hungry you may like (and be able) to eat, for instance, 3 toasts with cheese. If you eat just one and wait for 10 minutes, your appetite will be lost and you will have avoided more than 500 calories.


Thus I eat a lot of times, always small quantities, allowing myself to eat anything, quality food — with a few exceptions. Even when we order a pizza, I stop at the second piece, but usually I make myself a personal pizza in a way that minimizes its calories and increases its quality. More on this later, at my weekly schedule. It's more important than anything, taking into account that gluttony is the great enemy, to have in mind the fleeting nature of the pleasure of eating.


Enjoy your favorite food, but do not try to perpetuate this joy by eating more and more... We don't need much of anything, Peter Gabriel sings wisely. Your favorite taste lasts only while you eat and a couple of minutes more, but the fat you store in your body is there to stay, until, perhaps, you find the strength to control your habits and get rid of it.


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