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Weight loss allies

‘Allies' prevent excessive eating, some of them even allow a sense of victory in advance, or at least, if you neglect your purpose, a foretaste of your failure that becomes a warning.

The scale

A quality scale, able to detect differences of about 0.2 lb. (about 100 g), is necessary and is a great ally.


In a day you can gain or lose about 1 lb. (453 g) the most; it helps to monitor your progress daily, because you get in your everyday life something ‘tangible', a real sense of where you are, what you achieve or how much you fail.


Waiting for the end of a whole week to learn where you are, your progress becomes vague, you feel like you walk in a mist, without a sense of satisfaction when your scale testifies that your efforts in the previous day were fruitful and brought you closer to your goal.



This should be clear from the start: weight loss needs time, even more if you won't follow an austere diet, which you shouldn't do anyway.


Your most immediate purpose and satisfaction, should be to lose about 0.33 lb. (approx. 150 g) daily.


First thing I understood as I guess everyone with a weight problem: it's easy to gain weight until you find yourself fat, but difficult to lose even a little each day until you return to your normal condition.


In this regard it helps to know that your greatest obstacle is your very progress!


When I started losing weight I became self–confident in a disastrous way, I developed a tendency to abandon my healthy habits, as if getting thinner were an automatic process, something that would keep going on without my participation!


Of course I started to become fat again and I realized that I needed to hold myself tight to this rational measure which proved able to help me lose weight.


The real paradox is that the cycle of success > pseudo–confidence > relaxation > failure > remorse can be repeated a lot of times! It seems that realizing it is indeed possible for you to succeed in this effort, you provide yourself a motive to postpone your discipline and surrender to gluttony! Since you are able, you don't have anything to fear! Until you find yourself so fat, that losing weight seems again impossible, in which case, especially after several failures, you might not even return to your healthy decisions, abandoning hope completely.


Understanding this mechanism of relaxation and failure is essential, if one wants to avoid unnecessary delays or even disappointment.


Note also that it's greater and even more valuable not only to lose weight but to gain dietary habits that will let you keep your normal weight in the future.


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