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Roast beef with pasta

Ingredients  (6 servings)


1 kg of a calf; any low-fat part is fine -- 4 cloves of garlic -- 5 TB. olive oil -- 1 large dry onion (very well chopped) -- 1 carrot -- 1 bunch of celery -- 500 ml chopped tomatoes -- A cup of white wine -- 1 bay leaf -- Allspice (pimento) -- Clove -- Salt -- Pepper -- 1 pack (500 g) of thick pasta -- Regato light, chopped






We salt the meat, then we chop garlic in thick pieces to bury them in various places into the meat. We roast very well all around the meat in a pot with a tablespoon of olive oil. We add the wine and we let it evaporate. Then we add the vegetables, the rest of the olive oil, the tomatoes, a little water and we let the meat simmer until it becomes soft and the sauce thickens. Then we cut it into large pieces and we let it simmer for 5 minutes more. We add spices, salt and pepper, and we serve with thick pasta or whole wheat linguini and Regato light.


Any salad is fine, and of course beer or wine.


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