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Chickpea soup


Ingredients  (5 servings)


500 g chickpeas -- 80 ml extra virgin olive oil -- 1 large onion grated -- 5 strands of dill, finely chopped -- Juice of 2 lemons -- Salt -- Pepper







The night before we cook them, we let the chickpeas in a bowl of water that covers them completely. In the morning we put them in a pot, we cover them with water and we let them boil. For 5–10 minutes we skim them; when they are clean we add the onion, oil, and dill, and we lower the heat letting them simmer for about one and a half hours. This depends on the quality of our chickpeas; you need to taste once in a while to avoid making them too soft or leaving them too hard.


When they are ready we increase the fire, we add salt and the lemon juice, and let them have 2–3 boils. Finally we add pepper, and that's it! Serve with salted fish, olives, and any salad you like, whole wheat bread, and wine or beer.


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