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I'm sharing these recipes first of all because I like them, but also because they support my own efforts to avoid unnecessary weight. Nothing strange, most of them belonging to the Mediterranean diet, which I modified to become lower in calories while remaining equally healthy and tasty.

Bean soup



Ingredients  (5 servings)


500 g dry white beans -- 3 medium onions -- 1 bunch of celery -- 6 medium carrots -- 80 ml extra virgin olive oil -- 100 g chopped tomatoes -- Salt -- Pepper







The night before we cook the beans, we let them in a bowl of water covering them. In the morning we put them in a pot, adding as much water as needed to cover them fully. When boil begins we lower the fire and let them simmer for about 50 minutes. Then we need to taste and see if they are ready because that depends on the quality of our beans. If they are still hard, we let them simmer even more; after a while we taste again.


When they are ready, we add the vegetables in small pieces, along with 3 spoons of olive oil and chopped tomatoes. We continue simmering until the soup starts to thicken. We add some salt, pepper, and the remaining olive oil, and we are ready to serve, accompanying with salted fish, pickled vegetables, and olives. Whole wheat bread and good red wine are necessary!


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