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A free day; I cook whatever I miss most, even not–so–healthy food, usually my home made pizza!


I prepare my personal pizza using whole wheat “pita”, an available in stores rather thick dough that is used in the Greek “souvlaki”, a street food usually containing slices of pork and tomatoes. I use this pie for my pizza and I add a lot of fresh tomatoes (thin slices), mushrooms, perhaps some bacon, and also red, orange and yellow peppers (never green, because their taste is so sharp, it covers everything!), no oil at all, Mozzarella and Gouda cheese, salt, pepper and basil.


Contrary to the pizza that we order, in this one each of the main ingredients occupies a whole level: there is no piece of tomato beside a mushroom, for instance. There is a whole level of tomatoes, then a whole level of mushrooms, etc. Cheese is above everything, unless I add also a few pieces of bacon.



In the end my pizza seems like a mountain, but being baked it shrinks. In the (all over in maximum temperature preheated) oven it needs just 10 minutes and it's ready! It equals in size about two and a half pieces of a pizza you can order, but it's a lot healthier. Wine, Coke (with Stevia instead of sugar), or a beer are equally welcome in this table.


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