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I hate being fat


I absolutely hate being fat! I feel disfigured, guilty, entrapped, disappointed... I fear for my health and I suffer already. When I am with fat people who eat a lot, is like seeing myself — irresponsible, weak, suffering, irrational... I don't know if I should be sorry or angry.


My normal weight is about 150 lb. (68 kg) and I managed to become 210 (95 kg)! You do not get there in a week, but strange as it may seem, you can ignore the problem until people start telling you, or your health collapses! At least this is what happened with me.



I didn't realize how I became fat! Obviously sometime I started buying new clothes, but I don't remember when, I was not seriously alarmed, I didn't have a real awareness of my situation, I had not devoted any time at all to think about this problem, to realize the causes and free myself!


Even if you lose weight, it's not impossible to gain it back, now being aware, yet pathetically unable to respond... Until sometime your health or your shape or your friends force you to do something.


In this book I share my experience of what worked for me, what I did trying to lose weight, reading and thinking about dishes, habits, calories, diets, health, and anything relevant, for a long time.


I ate and still eat whatever I like —even pizza and sweets!— and I don't let myself feel hungry. But I am now aware all the time of the real problem and of the real enemy in this weight–loss battle.


Fat is only a consequence of the defeat, not the enemy.


Your goal should never be only to lose weight, but to get rid of the problem that is behind weight gain.




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