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My weekly schedule


My weekly schedule combines these elements:




1) Low fat, as possible, 2) Eating everything, but 3) Eating healthy — even with some exceptions, and 4) Always eating small quantities, mainly to lose my appetite, satisfying hunger without overeating, 5) Eating only when I am really hungry (but not starving), without keeping meticulously meal times,



6) Having no breakfast if I don't feel hungry, in which case I drink just a cup of coffee with a little honey instead of sugar. If I have breakfast, or later, near noon, whenever I start feeling hungry, I eat some oats with fresh milk, without sugar, or a couple of fried eggs, or a toast with whole wheat bread and low-fat cheese, or a tuna salad with lettuce and a tablespoon of olive-oil, etc.


7) Having no meals after 7 pm, except for a handful of nuts, a fruit, a yoghurt, and the like. 8) Eating just one ‘heavy' meal a day, near 6 o'clock, and several smaller meals like breakfast, if and when I am hungry, mainly to lose my appetite, never to be glutted like beasts...


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