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Losing weight takes time. Two kinds of patience are necessary,


1) To accept fully that you won't reach in a few days magically your ideal weight, and


2) Not to feel satisfied after losing a few pounds, letting yourself ignore your schedule, already eating more, as if your goal had been accomplished!



The first difficulty, that the ‘Day of the Ideal Weight' can be as far away as a lot of months, is not the greatest. Of course I wanted to become thin instantly, but I didn't need a lot of time to realize the hard truth. The second problem is tougher; when I started losing weight I became so confident, so sure I can indeed achieve my goal, that I even invited back the old habits, eating more than I needed! The result was of course that I stalled for a long time, even started gaining weight.


To lose weight without the slightest risk for your health, you need to eat everything —quality food but everything—, you need to eat enough —starving isn't allowed—, and you need time, to lose weight slowly. Returning to overeating or eating a lot of sweets, pies, etc., you make this already slow process even lengthier, preparing disappointment, so that you risk not only to need more time to reach your normal weight, but also to stop your efforts and become even fatter!


Patience and perseverance are necessary, to keep your healthy habits as long as it takes in order to reach your normal weight, and then relax them only to a degree that would let you maintain this weight.


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