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Stop thinking of food!

If you are in love you don't think of food so much; in fact, if your occupation, or just reading a book, watching a movie — whatever you may do — fascinates you, it takes your mind away from food! Food can never become fascinating, because it satisfies mainly taste, and temporarily. This is bad news! If we are so absorbed by something so unable to fascinate and so able to harm, perhaps we suffer an emptiness in our life.



But this is also good news, because we now are aware of a real problem and have a chance to recognize in gluttony something more than temptations of a pleasure. Eating can be nothing more or less than an easy way or final resort for us to remain somehow attached to the very fact that we are alive.


The very best way to reduce our appetite, would be to have something else to like incomparably more than food. The same is true for smoke: it becomes extremely difficult to find the strength to quit, if you are unable to enjoy clean air, or if you live your life as if it wasn't worth living.


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