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Weight loss as a positive experience

As anyone starting this fight, I tried to concentrate on weight loss as health gain and shape gain, but I soon realized I needed more than that, something I could sense right now instead of relying on hope only.


Thus I appreciated even more what I call weight loss allies.



I began to understand them also as providers of a justified impression that you actually do something besides not eating.


For instance, exercise is not only a great way to burn extra calories, it gives a strength that you can feel immediately, and increasingly in the course of time, letting you experience a self that is less fat and more able, even before you are indeed less fat and more able!


The rest of the allies I select here as being most useful, won't give you perhaps a sense of a better self, but they will support you in your need to feel that you do something, that you act, instead of just not eating and waiting for the miracle to happen.




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