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High quality food is a first priority


Knowing that if I wanted to lose weight calories should be minimized, I realized also that most of all I had to avoid useless and even life–threatening calories, what we usually call junk food. Of course high quality food can also have a lot of calories. Dark chocolate is a great example, or olive oil, or products based on sesame — tahini, halva, etc. This sort of heavy–and–healthy food should not be avoided, only consumed with moderation.


In the final section of this book I'm giving recipes that I used, most of them traditional in the Mediterranean cuisine, all modified by me to reduce calories and increase even more their quality, along with a weekly schedule that I followed to enjoy healthy nutritious food without undermining my objective to lose weight. Since I managed to return to my normal weight without starving, without even excluding high–calorie foods that I like, I'm sharing with you what I learned, knowing that it will help you as it did with me. Provided, of course, that you are really determined to lose weight.



Note that eating high quality food contains a particular psychological dimension you don't want to ignore: it makes you feel responsible for your health, and successful in protecting it. By eating junk food you support the opposite inclination, an urge that most people have, to neglect your health and the overall quality of your life. Food quality regards ingredients and safety, food that has been produced in a clean environment and is sanitized. Assuming you know where you shop from, always checking also the labels that describe product ingredients, let's recall some of your best choices.


Eat whatever vegetables and fruits you like, the more the better — in quantity and variety. Eat any fish you like, making sure it comes from clean waters, organic farming, etc. Prefer turkey and chicken (skinless), but you have also from time to time the liberty to enjoy red meat without fat. Do not avoid extra virgin olive oil, a most healthy food, just don't use large quantities, because it has a lot of calories. Nuts too are good, but they are high in calories. A handful is enough and you should not avoid it. Do not eat nuts mixed with sugar. Eat whole wheat bread and pasta: never eat white bread or anything made with white flour!


Avoid sugar. Don't be afraid of eggs. It's not a crime to include small quantities of low-fat cheese in your weekly routine.


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The Safe and Smart path to losing weight