Scroll a screen or some lines at a time: problems solved

Setting up a mouse wheel to scroll a screen at a time, or some lines, can be done in the Windows Control Panel > Mouse > Wheel. I usually have the “screen at a time” option enabled, yet today I decided to use the 3 lines at a time option.

I opened the Mouse applet of the Control Panel, changed the value, clicked Apply and then OK, but nothing happened! I suspected that SetPoint, the software that controls my G700 Logitech mouse, was responsible for the inability of the Windows Control Panel to activate the “3 lines at a time” mode.

I terminated SetPoint, but still, nothing happened; Control Panel kept reverting to “one screen at a time”!

Then I recalled that I was using a nice little freeware called KatMouse, to scroll even non-focused windows. Besides this function, KatMouse includes also a similar to the Windows Control Panel configuration tab that enables one-screen or some-lines scrolling. Guess what: one-screen setting was activated here in KatMouse, and it was KatMouse that defeated the Windows Control Panel changes.

Setting the 3 lines at a time option in KatMouse solved the problem — and I did not even have to open the Mouse applet of the Windows Control Panel.

If for any reason you are unable to change this scroll setting, just try and see if KatMouse solves your problem too!

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