Download Xtreme Shot, to take and edit screenshots

Xtreme Shot is a free, convenient and powerful utility that will let you take screenshots either by using the Print key on your keyboard or by right clicking the Xtreme Shot icon in the system tray.

A “region capture” mode allows you to select a part of your screen to be shot. After starting region mode, you will see a cross-hair pointing out the mouse position on the screen. Click and hold where you want one of the corners of your screenshot to be. Still holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse to define the rectangle to be shot. When the green rectangle covers the area you want to be captured, release the mouse button. You can use the Space key to switch between region and window mode.

If you want to capture an exact area, it might be easier to select it slightly larger and then crop the screenshot using Xtreme Shot’s image editor.

Alt + Print creates a screenshot of the window which is currently active. If you did a region or window capture before, you can capture the same region again using Shift + Print.  Control + Print creates a screenshot of the complete screen. Control + Shift + Print comfortably creates a screenshot of a web page currently opened in Internet Explorer. Use Xtreme Shot’s context menu to select the Internet Explorer tab to capture, or hit Crtl + Shift + Print to capture the active tab.

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