Socializer! for WordPress: Frequent Questions and Answers

If you have yourself a question, you are facing a technical problem, or just want to make a suggestion for changes and new features, you are very welcome! Send a letter, right now!

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Which Social Networks exactly are supported by Socializer?

You can see live the Sharing Panel.


Can I align the sharing buttons differently?

Sure! You can do it in the Settings of the plugin itself. Go to the Socializer! page in the Admin section of your blog to see the relevant options. To make things even easier, use the free on line Socializer! Style Editor


Google Plus turns red when I submit a certain site.

Google+ turns red if you have already submitted a site. Try to submit a site that you are sure you’ve never before submitted, and the icon will turn blue (meaning a successful submission). Next time you submit the same site, the Google+ icon will become red, meaning that the site is already submitted by you in the past.


Will Socializer “force” my visitors to share my posts?

No. To do this get the free Social Share Motivator plugin


The Floating bar won’t disappear in cellphones

This may happen, if you use a caching plugin that serves static html pages instead of dynamic content. You need to configure it to serve dynamic pages to cellphones, in order for this option to work. Otherwise, consider disabling the floating widget and use a combination of the sidebar widgets and content icons proper for both cellphone and PC users.


I wish Socializer! supported my favorite social network.

If you need a social network not already included in the Sharing Panel of Socializer!, please let me know. If it is popular enough, I’ll add it to the Sharing Panel. To avoid hundreds of icons and maintain simplicity, only top networks will be added.