TentBlogger Simple SEO Sitemap

I like TentBlogger’s Simple SEO Sitemap, a WordPress plugin that will create and automatically update the xml sitemap of a blog. The plugin works, and is simple as it says.

TentBlogger’s Simple SEO Sitemap will create the sitemap and call Google, Bing and Yahoo to visit the blog and get updates. It will also create a zipped version of the map.

However, TentBlogger made things more simple than they really need to be.

One of the most important features this plugin lacks, is the option of including in the sitemap non-blog pages, under the same url as the blog, but in some other section of the site. Let’s hope TentBlogger will add this in a future version, because not anyone’s site is limited to the blog.

Another feature many users would like to enjoy, is the option of choosing location of the sitemap. There are people who prefer not to have the sitemap in the root.

Both options can be easily added (they don’t require difficult or time-consuming coding), and they won’t make the plugin less simple than it is now. For the second one, I even have a temporary solution. Read this post if you need to save your sitemap wherever, using TentBlogger Simple SEO Sitemap

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2 Responses

  1. John (TentBlogger) says:

    thanks bro for this review! i made it the most simple as possible… and for advanced users, like yourself, you can probably do all that you need with this plugin or another!

  2. It’s your work John, and a great one, and you decide what to do, but a couple of options wouldn’t spoil the simplicity that much and might be desirable by many people.