Download Listary, to find as you type in Windows Explorer

Listary is a free (for personal use) windows utility that will add find-as-you-type functionality, making the search of items in large unmanageable lists of Windows applications a breeze.

Files / entries in Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Windows Desktop, file Open/Save dialogs and numerous other components and third-party applications can be located instantaneously with this free utility that allows you to type any part of a name in order to find it.

The program is packed with additional features like text editing, which allows you to edit text anywhere including web browsers with your favorite text editor by pressing a hot key.

Features: Smart Search for Windows Explorer — Find-as-you-type * Wildcards — Find-as-you-type using wildcards like ‘*’ and ‘?’ in the traditional way. * Shortcut to command mode — Type /cmd to enter command line window in the directory you are presently in. * Export list content — Export any list of items of any application to a CVS file viewable in Excel. * Favorite folders — Add favorite folders and switch to any of them fast * Hotkey — Press only Windows+W to start Listary. Customize shortcuts to select items from large lists. * Text editing — Edit text anywhere with your favorite text editor. * Auto-complete — Predicts what you want to type and auto-completes the search-string * Regular expressions — Advanced search method for matching strings of text.

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