Free DVD Audio Ripper: Fraudware

Free DVD Audio Ripper (or FreeStudio Audio DVD Ripper, as it appears on the Control Panel) is a ridiculous piece of software you’d better avoid.

It is presented at dvd-audio-ripper .org without even the slightest mention that this is a crippled version of a pro ripper.

When I installed and selected the tracks/chapters of a DVD to rip, then selected Wav output and pressed the “rip” button, the program did nothing at all.

Trying to save as MP3, I had no response from the ripper! In short, I tried all the offered formats, and the program kept doing nothing.

Then I selected only one track, in case there was some limitation on the number of tracks one can save in the same session. No response! Looked for help, but the program does not offer any help at all.

Free DVD Audio Ripper does not even appear at the Alt+Tab sequence, nor at the taskbar! If you still want to try it, here is the link.

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