Download RealA2V, to share Audio files on Facebook or YouTube

RealA2V is a free (for personal use) application that will let you add some picture to your audio file and convert it to video, in order to upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

You might want to share your favorite audio record on YouTube or Facebook, but these services do not support audio files.

Even MP3 sharing in Facebook requires uploading your file to a third-party server and providing the link, which is not allowed by most servers today.

RealA2V is a freeware tool for converting audio files to video format so that you can easily upload them to YouTube, Facebook or other video hosting and sharing services.

Using this tool, you can share your interview, lecture, etc.,  on YouTube or Facebook.

RealA2V uses a smart technique to combine audio with one single picture and show it throughout the video clip.

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