Download Internet Explorer 9

IE9 is designed to take full advantage of a Windows-based computer’s hardware, enabling developers to build graphically rich and immersive Web experiences that are as fast and responsive as applications installed on the computer.

* Hardware-accelerated graphics. As an example of how Internet Explorer 9 takes advantage of the power of the whole computer, the rendering of graphics and text has been moved from the central processing unit (CPU) to the graphics card (the graphics processing unit or GPU), using the Direct2D and DirectWrite sets of Windows application programming interfaces (APIs). Hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics mean that websites perform like applications installed directly on the computer.

* New DOM and new JavaScript engine. The newly optimized document object model (DOM) in Internet Explorer 9 provides dramatic speed improvements by interacting more efficiently with Chakra, the new JavaScript engine. Chakra interprets, compiles and executes code in parallel by taking advantage of multiple CPU cores. Although each of these is significant on its own, combining these changes, along with using hardware-accelerated graphics, makes the browser all-around fast.

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