Download Subtitles Extension, to find movie subtitles

Subtitles is a free shell extension that will find subtitles for movies. It will let you right click on a movie file, choose a language and find a set of subtitles to download.

Subtitles doesn’t search for the movie name but instead it calculates the checksum. If it doesn’t already have that particular checksum stored in its database, it automatically looks for it elsewhere on the internet. If it still can’t find it, it will let you search manually by giving the movie name and the checksum is saved for future use.

Subtitles allows you to configure your own “Look for Subtitles” windows context menu by selecting which languages you are interested in.

I was able to find subtitles for my movie with the first method (checksum search, didn’t work). Subtitles advertizes the AllPlayer program, but you can ignore this.

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