Download Flowpaint, to paint even on Tablet PC

Flowpaint is a free paint program that supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets.

Along the right side of the screen there are buttons for selecting the current brush. Select a brush, press and hold the left mouse button over the canvas, and move the mouse to draw. Flowpaint also works with graphics tablets (although on some systems it may not detect the pressure).

When a brush is selected, its parameters can be adjusted with the sliders in the lower part of the right hand sidebar. When at least two strokes have been drawn with a brush, it is stored in the Recent Brushes section, making it easy to return to some earlier brush settings.

In the toolbar there are four buttons. The ‘Quicksave’ -button saves your current picture in a file under your current directory (it shows the path in the statusbar after the save). If you use the Web Start version, this is usually your home directory (on Windows this is under documents and settings / you name, not in My Documents). If you used the zipped distribution, the save location is usually the directory that you started the application from.

The ‘Clear Picture’ -button empties the whole canvas. The ‘Quicksave and Clear Picture’ -button simply combines both of these – saves your existing picture, and clears the canvas, allowing you to directly start on the next one.

Layers are still missing, as well as zooming and panning. Resizing the work area is also painfully slow at the moment (it will re-draw every brush stroke if the window is resized, so it can take up to minutes). There is also no native file format yet, so it’s not possible to resume a picture started earlier.

Features that are planned for future versions are an easy way to handle multiple open pictures, possibility to create custom brushes from basic operations, libraries of brushes shared over the Internet, and a zone feature that allow creating wrapping textures and textured brushes.

All in all Flowpaint is still in beta phase development, so use it with care. There are bugs that may cause it to lock up, so save often (fortunately this is easy and quick).

Flowpaint requires Java version 6 or newer (also known as Java 1.6). Launch Flowpaint 0.2 with Java Web Start

Flowpaint will freeze up for a long time (several minutes) if its window is resized after many pen strokes have been drawn (it will re-render each pen stroke). Undo history may also be lost after a resize. The workaround is to resize the window to the desired size before starting to draw. This issue will be fixed in a future version.

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