Build Windows and cross-platform apps with Microsoft Visual Studio Community (former Express)

Microsoft Visual Studio doesn’t need recommendations and its Community variant, the successor of Visual Studio Express, is an equally great and also free program you can use to build and debug apps for Windows, Android, or iOS. The program is also supported by a lot of tutorials and examples (texts, videos, forums) for novices or experts.

Microsoft Visual Studio Community makes Visual Studio Express even better. This new cross-platform development tool supports plugins that extend its functions. The current collection includes thousands of Visual Studio plugins.

Microsoft’s free development tool provides advanced code editors, profiles, powerful ways to debug your code, a great designer for MS Store or any Windows apps, Android and iOS apps. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio Community to create desktop or mobile apps, games, azure apps, web apps, office apps, even write your own extensions. The program lets you take advantage of C++, Node.js, Python, R, and of course .NET. Microsoft Visual Studio Community can cooperate with Azure and with Visual Studio OnLine to let you test your apps and collaborate with a team.

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