Auto copy, store, search, edit clipboard items, even categorize in tabs, with CopyQ

CopyQ is really an advanced clipboard manager. This great little freeware lets you store copied items, search them, categorize them in tabs and define a multitude of keyboard shortcuts to handle your collection according to your needs. Personally I consider clipboard managers absolutely necessary for any user that works seriously with the PC, which is the reason I’m not tired in discovering new utilities of the kind and review them.

The program provides also the option of using scripts (rules) to open some applications automatically upon copy, run other scripts, ignore the currently copied item, and more. Other rules permit different use of a copied item according to its format, that is, a different use for images, plain text, html, etc.

The interface of CopyQ is customizable and it’s one of the best or perhaps the best from what I know so far — simple, modern, easy to use, pleasant and powerful. Note that the program is also able to apply encryption in case you are after safety.

If you search for a powerful and convenient free clipboard manager, CopyQ is one you cannot ignore.

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