Download WinRar, a nice compressor extractor

WinRar does not support so many formats other zip utilities do, however, it remains one of the most reliable archivers.

When you encounter an error during extraction, you can not really be sure that there is a problem, unless WinRar too faces it. It happened to me so many times, that it can’t be a coincidence. This archiver gives an error to this file, another archiver gives an error to some other file – WinRar extracts both of them without problems! In some cases WinRar itself faces problems and can not handle extractions other archivers do, which means, you need to have more than one archiving/zip tools installed!

WinRar is not a freeware, it is shareware and you are supposed to pay for it after 40 days. Do so, if you have money, the author deserves it. Yet, if you continue to use it after 40 days, it will still function but you have to face a popup window reminding you to pay. Normally I shouldn’t be posting about WinRar here, but practically it is almost freeware.

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