Download ViGlance, a Windows 7 Taskbar for Windows XP

ViGlance is a little freeware for XP emulating the Windows 7 taskbar. It can be transparent, it features glide effects (animation) and it will let you see thumbnails with “up to date” previews of your open applications.

The “up to date” system tries to deliver the most recent snapshot of the window, using minimal processing power. It will also let you pin your favourite applications, attach program shortcuts directly to the taskbar so that you can open the programs you use most often without browsing the Start menu. When the application is opened the item then refers to the application that has been opened.

The start button in Windows XP isn’t very pretty. ViGlance replaces that with a small start orb. Besides this, it  delivers a smooth fade transitional rollover effect like that of Windows 7.

ViGlance will let you also re-arrange the taskbar to suit your personal needs by dragging and dropping program icons to your prefered positions. Pinned item order will be remembered and used everytime you open ViGlance.

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