Download Livestream Procaster to create and stream HD videos

Procaster is a free program that will let you record high definition videos to stream from your personal computer.

You will need a Livestream username and password to login, select the desired input source and click “Go Live” to begin broadcasting.

To broadcast you should use a wired connection with an upload bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. Your upload bandwidth must be greater than your stream’s total bitrate.

You can use Procaster to broadcast games such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty at full frame rate in Game Mode (Windows only), Screen Mode, or 3D Mix Mode.

Use the chat feature to communicate with viewers while broadcasting live.

Procaster’s Anti-Lag feature does not build a delay if you have a connection issue. It warns you in the control bar and continues encoding. When the connection recovers, it resumes 2-6 seconds behind real time. The locally recorded file on your hard drive however has the all the content.

Streaming LIVE to mobile devices is possible. To view your stream on a mobile device at any quality setting, however, mobile users will have a tough time connecting with your stream if it is of too high a bandwidth. Mobile internet may be spotty and unreliable, thus it’s important to push a mobile quality stream for mobile audience.

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