Popularity contest plugin in WordPress 2.5

Alex King’s popularity contest plugin has problems with WordPress 2.5 You need to make a small change in popularity-contest.php, the plugin’s file, which currently gives an error ( #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax …) You need to search for ‘../../wp-blog-header.php‘ and replace it with ‘../wp-blog-header.php‘, that is, remove the second ../

Then you need to create two tables in your database.
Open PhpMyAdmin and run the following sql queries:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wp_ak_popularity (
post_id int(11) NOT NULL,
total int(11) NOT NULL,
feed_views int(11) NOT NULL,
home_views int(11) NOT NULL,
archive_views int(11) NOT NULL,
category_views int(11) NOT NULL,
single_views int(11) NOT NULL,
comments int(11) NOT NULL,
pingbacks int(11) NOT NULL,
trackbacks int(11) NOT NULL,
last_modified datetime,
KEY post_id (post_id)
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wp_ak_popularity_options (
option_name varchar(50) NOT NULL,
option_value varchar(50) NOT NULL

Finally run this query to enter the default values of popularity criteria (You can change them later at the plugin’s Options page):

INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('feed_value', '1');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('home_value', '0');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('archive_value', '0');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('category_value', '0');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('single_value', '10');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('comment_value', '20');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('pingback_value', '50');
INSERT INTO wp_ak_popularity_options VALUES('trackback_value', '80');

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