Install reader friendly skins for Firefox

It seems that most Firefox users (perhaps users of other browsers too) prefer fancy multi-color or dark skins. Such skins are not proper for people who use the internet to read. A reader friendly theme has to be discreet, has to ‘disappear’, to let our attention focus to the web page. Thus, the creator of a reader-friendly theme needs to combine elegance and discreetness, to decorate the browser without messing with the reader’s attention. An example of such a gentle work is the free ELLOPOS Skin for Firefox, coming in Sky Blue and Silver versions.

Firefox Personas are skins you can apply to Firefox on-the-fly, without downloads and installations. They are so easy to use, that you can change them all the time if you are easily bored, or just to find the right one for you.

ELLOPOS free skin for Firefox features a light discreet gradient background at the top of the browser, with an ancient Greek image to the right. Thus, if you are a friend of Greek learning you will have additional joy. The status (bottom) bar of the browser is equally light without any image at all, since there is not much space there and you need to read system messages without problems. Take a look for yourself and try one or both of the skin versions.

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