Download Fog of War, a new kind of chess

Fog of War chess is like regular chess, but you can only see the places where your pieces can move and attack. The places you can move are marked with yellow discs. The places you can capture are marked with red discs.

All pieces see the square they are on, the squares they can move to, the squares they can capture, and (most importantly) the squares of friendlies who are “blocking” them. This last part matters most for capturing.

There are some exceptions; Pawns see the three squares in front of them at all times; The king has a warning system. The squares around him and the square he is on will be marked with red boxes if the king cannot move there. If the king is in check, the pieces that could capture him are also visible.

Full instructions available upon starting the game.

Fog of War chess creates an environment of mystery and fear, since the enemy and the enemy’s possible ways of attack are invisible.

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