Download Windows 8 UX Pack, to renovate Windows 7

I like to have a taste of forthcoming operating systems, but without putting my work to danger. Although the greatest possible simulation of Windows 8 on Windows 7 requires some changes of system files, I avoid that. Complete “transformation packs” are excluded, making the OS more or less unstable.

The Windows 8 UX Pack claims to offer a way of experiencing some UI features of Windows 8 (Metro) on Windows 7. It gives some sense of Windows 8 indeed, but this is not its greatest feature, in my opinion. What I like most is the change in Windows borders and title bar, now larger, with larger minimize / restore / exit buttons, and auto colorized according to the predominant color of the wallpaper. This is great and it gives a smooth silk feeling.

This pack can also change the Start orb with the Metro tile icon. Small changes, without modifications of system files, a safe way to have some taste of Windows 8. Since I find Metro Tiles useless, at least in a Desktop environment and I prefer my wallpaper along with some sidebar gadgets, I disabled “Metro Start UI” in the pack’s options, enabling only the change of the Start orb, and auto-color.

The pack will let you uninstall it, in case something goes wrong. In my case I had a problem with the fonts, but the theme installs them automatically. I needed to uninstall everything in order to avoid the fonts. Then I found this solution to change only the round corners and the cursors.

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