Download Nexus File, a Windows explorer alternative with tabs and dual pane

I like trying Windows explorer alternatives and Nexus File is one worth trying. Nexus Files comes in a dark skin some users won’t like; you change it instantly by going to View : Skins. Nexus File uses also various colors in displaying file types. You can customize all of these.

Nexus File features a dual pane option, to let you see two folders side by side, making it easy to compare, navigate and copy/move files.

A Multi-Tab features will let you open folders in various tabs on each pane. There is the Ctrl+Tab shortcut to navigate through opened tabs, but there isn’t any shortcut you can use to open a folder in a new tab; you have to right click on it and select the “new tab” option.

NexusFile supports also simple FTP functions. Other features: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, ALZ extraction and ZIP compression without any external programs. Customize colors by file types, to distinguish files instantly. Insert, Delete, Find/Replace, Numbering and more can be done with Advanced Rename. If you set a folder as a “work folder” you can go to that folder with a shortcut key easily. This way you can access your favorite folders really fast.


Open NexusFile with in a specific folder: NexusFile.exe /dir:”d:\Projects\”

Open NexusFile in dual or single pane mode: NexusFile.exe /pane:single|dual

Open NexusFile with specific user settings: NexusFile.exe /userdir:”d:\Nex1″

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