Download Pretty Run, to search for and open your programs

Start menu can be cluttered, so that opening a program needs a lot of search. Pretty Run helps you with that as it searches start menu (it can search desktop and any other folder too) for the shortcuts or files that meet your query.

You can search as you type or when you press enter. Icons of your last used programs are displayed for immediate access (great, in periods that you open the same programs every day). Supports searching the web as well (you can setup search engines by yourself if you want).

Note that mp3 search does not go through all the tags; you can not search an mp3 by its bit rate for example.

The program is outdated since the release of Windows 7 and native search & run abilities of the OS, even more after Windows 10. Shutdown plugins too are outdated after the release of Windows Rule Shutdown – Restart – LogOff freeware.

For an easier solution to run your programs check the free Favorite Launcher

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