Download LinkChanger, to search and replace inside Windows shortcuts ( lnk files )

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LinkChanger is a free and small program that will let you search in Windows Link (Shortcut) Files (*.lnk) to find and replace information like Path, Arguments, Icon Location path, Working Directory, Show State.

LinkChanger will prove especially useful when you change the location of a large part of your files, or if you create a mirror of your files and a lot of shortcuts are broken in their new location.

The program will let you change change Path, Working Directory, etc. simultaneously in a big group of LNK files (last time I used it was able to search more that a thousand shortcuts to replace path information).

LinkChanger provides also a replacement simulation, in order to let you see the changes that will be made and decide if you want them.

Features: Save and Load a “Replacing Project” * Project file includes all “Replacing Information” and file-list. * “Report”, “List”, “Large Icons” file-list representation. * An “Uninstall” button removes all information about Link Changer from the Windows Registry.

Note that your anti-virus application may alert you, but LinkChanger is clean and safe to use. Just add it to the exceptions of your anti-virus.

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